Join the Jazz Road Community where you can learn dancing the Lindy Hop – the most popular dance of the Roaring Twenties and other … Charleston, Balboa and Shag.
You’ve never danced and don’t have a partner?
Don’t worry, you’ll not need no particular skill for this dance! You’ll learn everything during the class and there is a rotation of couples so everyone will have a chance to dance.

If you are passionate about the elegance of the 30th and 40th and want to dance as

About us…

The Association Jazz Road A.S.D. is located in three towns of Tuscany: Pisa, Lucca, Livorno and Viareggio and we offer courses of Lindy Hop. Charleston and other Swing dances.

Our Mission is to spread the swing dance socializing and having fun jus……………
We always try to fill our lessons with positive energy and make them social so a swing dance class is a perfect occasion to make new friends learning something new and unique.
During the year Jazz Road organizes swing parties with live music and DJ set so you could emerge
yourself in a fascinate atmosphere of the Swing Era.

If you got interested in the Swing dance join one of our venues in Lucca, Pisa, Livorno or Viareggio.
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